Vividia VA-450 LCD/WiFi Two-Way Articulating Borescope (5.5mm Diameter)


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The Vividia VA-450 LCD/WiFi High Definition 2-Way Articulation Borescope Videoscope Inspection Camera has a 4.5" LCD IPS monitor and 1 meter long 5.5mm diameter 2-way articulation IP67 waterproof probe camera. 180 degree bending back short probe camera tip with 6 bright LED lights makes VA-450 borescope very useful to inspect inside of a cylinder. VA-450 inspection camera with 1280x720 resolution allows one to capture pictures or videos with high clarity through focus range from 1cm far away. VA-450 Borescope can also be wirelessly connected to an Android phone or tablet or iOS device (iPhone or iPad) through a wifi wireless signal. A set of screw-on 5.5mm accessories (hook, magnet, and side-view mirror) is included. Vividia VA-450 Videoscope is ideal for engine/motor inspection, machinery and production line inspection, petrochemical and power plant inspection, general MRO, and facility management.

Main Features:

  • 180 degree bending back probe camera 
  • 5.5mm diameter probe tip and two-way articulation
  • High-resolution 1280x720 with clear images
  • 4.5" LCD IPS HD monitor
  • Record pictures and videos with one button
  • Wifi wireless connection to an Android and iOS phone/tablet
  • High-temperature shut-off 
  • Screw-on accessories (mirror, magnet, hook)

Tech Specs:

Probe diameter:                   5.5mm, 0.217 inch
Insertion tube length:           1 meter (3.28 ft) 
Camera Sensor:                   1/9” CMOS
Resolution:                          1280x720 pixels
Focal Range:                        15mm to 100mm. Fixed focus
Camera Field of View (FOV):  110°
​Illumination:                        4 white LED lights with adjustable brightness
Articulation angle:                2-way, each direction 0 to 180 degree
Bending Tip Radius:              25mm
Probe material:                    Flexible metal tube
Three screw-on accessories:  5.5mm hook, magnet, and side-view mirror
​Waterproof rating:                 IP65

LCD IPS screen:                   4.5"
Image resolution:               1280 x 720 (JPG)
Video resolution:                1280 x 720 (MP4)
Video frame rate:                30 frames/second
Rechargeable Li-battery:     4000mAh poly lithium
Storage:                              SD card 
Languages:                         English/Chinese/Spanish

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