Vividia HM-407 HDMI/LCD/USB Digital Manual Focus Microscope with 7" LCD Screen 4MP Resolution 270x Magnification


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Vividia HM-407 Multi-Functional HDMI/LCD/USB Digital Microscope combines high definition image, long object distance, 5 output modes and easy operation together with multi configurations. It supports 4.0MP high sensitive image sensor, 1080P full HD output, up to 270X magnification with 7" TFT-LCD monitor. Perfect to use at the following fields: PCB, mobile/phone maintenance, QC inspection, soldering, repair, educational research, industrial inspection, jewelry & stamp collection, laboratory etc. 

Main Features:
  • Long object working distance, good depth of field and high quality images.
  • Video of 1080p resolution at 60 fps, no delay at all. 
  • UV filter, protect the lens from being dirty or damaged during soldering.
  • 7 inch adjustable screen, 4 MP image sensor, industrial lens, image is very clear and give you great view experience.
  • Adjustable stand, the microscope stand can move backward and forward, providing enough soldering working space.
  • Outputs to a built-in 7" monitor, HDMI to a large TV; USB to a Windows PC, Mac and Chromebook, Android devices

Image sensor: 4 Mega Pixels HD Sensor
Magnification: Up to 270×(HDMI monitor 27 inch)
Video output: UHD 2880X2160 24FPS; FHD1920X1080 60FPS/30FPS, HD1280X720 120FPS
Video format: MP4 Photo
resolution: MAX 4032*3024 (12M 4032*3024)
Photo format: JPG
Output: HDMI, TF card(Not included in the package), USB to a PC
Screen size: 7 inch
Compatibility: USB output to Windows 11/10/8/7, Mac and Chromebook
Microscope stand: can move back and forth
Minimum focus distance: 5cm
Power source:5V DC
Stand size: 20cm*12cm*19cm



Package Included(1.6kg/32*22*10cm):

Microscope x1
Stand x1
HDMI cable x1
Switch Cable x1
UV Filter x1
IR-Remote x1(not included the battery)
Adapter x1
Users Manual x1


How to connect HM-407 to a Windows PC laptop, Mac, Chromebook, and Android:

A separate USB cable is needed for this connection. One end is male USB-A and other end male micro-USB.

  • Use the usb power cable in the package for LED lights
  • Use another USB cable (one end is micro-USB, another end USB-A) to connect HM-407 monitor and a Windows PC
  • A question window will pop-up: "Mass Storage" or "PC Camera". Choose "PC Camera" and press "Ok"
  • Use "Camera" software on Windows 10 or 11, or "oasis.exe", "S-Eye" software on Windows for preview. 
"S-Eye" Measurement software for Windows for USB microscopes  
Download File

​How to download and install the "S-Eye" software on a Windows PC?

1. Download the above software and save it as a zip file.
2. Extract the folder and files using a unzip app
3. Run the software "S-Eye_Setup", and follow the pop-up instructions. 

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