Vividia PM-190 USB Manual Focusable 12MP Digital Microscope Borescope with 500x Magnification and 19mm Diamter


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Vividia PM-190 USB Manual Focus 12MP Digital Microscope is a multi-purpose digital microscope and borescope with an adjustable aluminum alloy stand. It has an 12M pixels CMOS sensor, up to 500x magnification, and eight built-in LEDs for illumination. It can be connected to your computer using USB cable, Android device using an OTG cable (included in package), and iOS device using an AirBox (not included in package). Vividia PM-190 allows you to view images in high resolution up to 3840 ×3104 pixels, take standard photos, and record videos. It can inspect places that are difficult to reach, such as the inside of engines, machines, tubes, pipes, etc. In addition, Vividia PM-190 is an ideal microscope for a variety of applications, including textile inspection, detailed repair, printing inspection, computer parts inspection, nature observation, reading aid, collectibles examination (coins, antiques), and health such as skin examination. This is your choice if you want a high mega-pixel digital microscope. 

  • Choose lower resolution (about 1280x720, 1mp) first to do focusing. 
  • When 5mp or higher resolution is selected, the live image will be really slow (less than  5 fps depending on your PC)
  • Select high resolution for still image if you want to take high resolution pictures with your software
Technical Specs:

Diameter of the tube                   19mm
Focus method                             Manual focus
Length of the tube                      11.5cm (4.25")
Camera sensor                           12MP CMOS 
Max. Resolution Pixels*               3840 x 3104
LED lights                                   4 bright LED lights
Maximum magnification               ~500x
Output                                        USB2.0 
Picture format                            JPG
Video format                              avi
Waterproof:                               Not waterproof
Compatible with:                       Windows 11/10/8/7/xp, Mac, Chromebook, Android 

*We suggest to choose a resolution of 1920x1080 or less. Higher resolution may slow down your PC. 
Comment: With this 12MP sensor, you can get high clarity pictures and more details.

Pictures taken with PM-190 USB microscope

Software to use with PM-190 (12mp) & PM-110-5MP (5mp):
Windows 11/10/8/7/XP:
  1. "Vividia Ablescope Viewer"
  2. "Camera" built-in app on Windows OS
  3. "Supereyes" 
  4. "Digital Viewer for Windows"

  1. "Photo Booth"
  2. "Quick Camera"
  3. "Digital Viewer for Mac"

Android Phones and Tablets
  1. "OTG View" or "OTG View2"
  2. "Endoscope Camera"
  3. "MScopes"
  4. "USB Camera"

:  Built-in "Camera" app

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