ViTiny UM08 Tabletop Digital Autofocus HDMI Microscope


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ViTiny UM08/UM18/UM08a Autofocus HDMI Digital Microscope has these features: Autofocus, long working distance, 2MP sensor high definition, HDMI connection, remote control, exchangeable lens (DIN standard lens), fast 60 fps, easy to use. Connects only to an HDMI monitor.

ViTiny UM08 HDMI autofocus digital microscope/magnifier is suitable for a speedy inspection on a production line because of its 60 fps for 2MP images. The continuous auto-focus is very helpful for online inspection. UM08 displays high quality 1080P images on an HDMI cable connected to a HD monitor. The IR remote controller can be used to change focus, exposure value, LED lights brightness, white balance, zoom in and out, and much more without touching the microscope body. The SHUTTER can be opened or closed to fit different lighting environment conditions. The DEFOG function can be used to enhance the image contrast for specified areas. UM08 Digital Microscope is equipped with WDR image processing, noise reduction, and image stabilization technologies. Other functions like mirror, enlarging two partial images, and detecting moving objects help end users generate the most effective image.

Magnification:             12x ~ 132x on 21.5" monitor; with digital zoom, the maximum goes to >500x
Working distance:       22.5 mm to 226 mm
CMOS Sensor:            2MP 
Dimension:                106 x 152 mm
LED lights:                 Build-in 30 pcs top view LED lights, brightness adjustable
Output:                      HDMI with signal 1080P
Control:                     IR remote control
Response time:           60 frame-per-second
Power:                       DC 5V/2A input with 180cm cable

Standard package includes: UM08 Digi Microscope main body (4x lens included), Remote Control, AC power adaptor, mini-HDMI cable, User's manual, AWB calibrator, and S-107 metal stand.
Replaceable parts: 4x lens; Remote control; AC power adaptor; S-107 stand
Additional optional accessories for UM08: 10x lens set; S-109 articulation arm stand; 4x long focus lens; GN-01 gooseneck LED lights; GN-02 gooseneck laser light; IMB-05 image capture box; IMB-04 image capture box; IMB-06 image capture box
UM08 Bundle includes:      1. UM08 microscope;
                                               2. A computer monitor 24" HD 

With UM08 bundle, you can use the microscope immediately after plug in power.

Accessories for UM08/UM18:
GN-01 gooseneck LED lights; S-109 articulating desktop stand; Long working distance 4x lens; polarized 4x lens kit; 10x lens kit; extra remote; Image capture box IMB-05, IMB-04, IMB-06, IMB-07

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