ViTiny UM30 HDMI/USB 4K Ultra HD Resolution Digital Microscope with 12x to 500x Magnification and SD Card


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Main Features of ViTiny UM30 HDMI/USB/SD Autofocus Digital Microscope:

  • Ultra high definition 4k resolution camera CMOS sensor; True high image quality. 3840 x 2160 pixel.
  • Working distance from 22mm up to 214mm. Magnification 13x to 140x with the 4x lens. Up to 500x with the 10x lens (optional lens)
  • Dual modes: USB output to Windows PC. Mac and Android; HDMI output to TV monitor or display device with a HDMI-in
  • Built-in SD slot for direct photo and video file storage
  • "UM Viewer" software for Windows and MacOS with measurement, auto calibration, auto edge locating, magnifier, EDOF etc. functions
ViTiny UM30 HDMI/USB Autofocus 4K Digital Microscope is suitable for quick inspection on the production line, which can be directly connected to the 1080P or 4K monitor, plug and play. The stand-alone machine can take snapshots, directly connecting to the computer for playback.

Tech Specs of ViTiny UM30:
  1. Magnification : 13x–140x on 24" Monitor
  2. Working Distance : 22 mm–214 mm
  3. CMOS Sensor : 4K Ultra HD Resolution, 3840 x 2160 pixel
  4. Interface of Output : 1080P Full HD & USB 2.0 & Micro SD Card Slot
  5. Focus System : IR Remote Control, Alternative Auto and Manual Focus
  6. Micro SD Card Support up to 128 GB : Capture JPG
  7. Light : Built-in 30 PCS of Wide Angle LED, Allow to Adjust the Brightness
  8. Optional 10x Lens : Magnification up to 497x
  9. Device Dimension : Ø106 x 152(H) mm
  10. Power Supply : DC 5V/2A , Cable Length : 180 cm

​High-definition 4K camera module CMOS sensor
Focus methods:
  • Remote manual focus
  • Remote autofocus, singel
  • Remote autofocus, continuous
  • Software, manula focus
  • Software, autofocus, single
  • Software, autofocus, continuous
Long working distance 
Various magnification depending on the working distance
  • Closer the object, higher the magnificaiton
  • 13x to 140x with the incldued 4x lens
Built-in ring LED lights
Two output modes:
  • ​HDMI output to a display device such as TV monitor, projector, smart screen, or others with a HDMI-in 
  • USB output to Windows PC, MacOS computers, and Android devices



​Built-in microSD card slot to save pciture and video files.
Download File

Download File

User manuals for UM30 and the software
Application software: "UM Viewer" for Windows and MacOS
  1. ​Software Function : Auto-Calibration, 2D Measurement, Image Comparison, etc.
  2. Software Platform : Windows(8、10、11), Mac & Android
  3. Device Platform : Windows, Mac & Android
"UM Viewer" for Windows: download, extract and install.
Download File

"UM Viewer" for MacOS: download and install.
Download File



What is included:

Application photos and videos

Application videos of UM30 microscope:

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