Vividia DA-4010 DA-4015 DA-4030 LCD/Wi-Fi Flexible Joystick Articulating Videoscope Borescope Inspection Camera with 4mm / 0.16" Diameter Waterproof IP67 Probe and 1280x720 HD


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Vividia DA Series LCD/Wi-Fi Joystick Articulating Video Borescopes with 4.5" Detachable Monitor:

  • DA-6010 Joystick 6mm / 0.236" Diamter 1m / 3.3ft Long
  • DA-4010 Joystick 4mm / 0.16" Diameter 1m / 3.3ft Long
  • DA-4015 Joystick 4mm / 0.16" Diameter 1.5m / 4.9ft Long
  • DA-4030 Joystick 4mm / 0.16" Diameter 3m / 9.8fr Long
  • DA-2812 Joystick 2.8mm / 0.11" Diameter 1.2m / 3.94ft Long

Vividia DA-4010 LCD/Wi-Fi Joystick Articulating Automotive Industrial Borescope Inspection Camera is specially designed for automotive and industrial inspection and diagnostics. Vividia DA-4010 has 1 meter long, 4mm diameter probe with 360° all-way articulation controlled by joystick. The probe tip camera is made from metal alloy and sapphire glass lens with high wear resistance. The camera probe and insertion tube is waterproof IP67. Vividia DA-4010 gives high quality clear images with high illuminance LED lights. With 8G mini SD card installed on monitor, one can take pictures and record videos. It can connect to iPhone, iPad and Android via Wi-Fi for mirrored monitoring.

Vividia DA-4010 is widely used to exam car engine cylinder block, valve, piston head, nozzle, ternary catalytic converter, evaporation tank, piping and gap of car body. Vividia DA-4010 Videoscope can also be used on aircrafts, motorcycles, boats, air conditioning systems, heat exchangers, industrial equipment and professional instruments, heavy-duty vehicles, mining machines etc.


  • In general, smaller the diameter of the probe camera, lower the camera resolution, and lower the brightness of the maximum LED lights. 
  • Smaller the probe tube, less the strength of the probe cable, easier the probe get damaged by force
  • To get good pictures and videos, hold the probe camera as steady as possible to prevent shaking, and adjust the LED lights to maximum brightness for good lighting.   

Detachable monitor:

Screen size:                             4.5" LCD-TFT
Screen resolution:                    850x480
Buttons:                                  Menu, photo/video, brightness 
Monitor housing material:         Resistant PC plastic
Storage:                                  SD card, up to 128G
Languages:                              12 languages
Photo format:                          JPEG, 1280x720
Video format:                          MOV, 1280x720
Dimension:                              22.5 cm x 12.3 cm x 12.6 cm
Weight:                                   0.5 kg for the monitor 

Probe camera:

Camera head diameter:                      4mm / 0.16"
Camera tip:                                       17mm long, Titanium alloy 
Camera resolution:                             1280 x 720
Focus range:                                      10mm to 100mm
LED lights:                                         6 LED lights
Articulation type:                               Joystick, all directions 360
Max. bending back angle:                   More than 180 degree
Probe tube length:                             1 meter / 3.3ft. (Model: DA-4010)
                                                        1.5m / 4.9ft      (Model: DA-4015)
                                                        3 meter / 10ft.  (Model: DA-4030
Probe material:                                  Stainless steel braided layers
Waterproof rating:                              IP67    

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