Vividia T-29 IR Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Resolution 259x192 with 3.5" Color Display Screen and WiFi to iPhone iPad PC Android Temperature Range -4~842°F


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Vividia T-29 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera (previously known as model HT-A9) has high quality thermal resolution (IR resolution 259x192 pixels) brining you crystal clear thermal images. This is the perfect thermal camera for home inspection, HVAC check, plumbing and more. With Vividia T-29 Thermal Imaging Camera, you can get greater details in thermal resolution so that you don't miss out on essential details for better diagnostics and problem-analysis.

Key Highlights of Vividia T-29 thermal inspection camera:
  • High thermal resolution, 259x192
  • Large display monitor size, 3.5 inch
  • Dual cameras with thermal images and normal images overlapping
  • 5 kinds of color palettes to choose
  • Pictures and videos are saved in built-in SD card
  • Built-in wifi wireless to Windiws PC, iPhone iPad and Android devices

Vividia T-29 Thermal Imaging Camera
Tech Specs:

Infrared image resolution:             259x192
Connect wifi to the live image on the phone, tablet, laptop and desktop
Field angle/shortest focus length:   56°x 42°/ 0.15m
Display screen:                             3.5 ″ full angle TFT display screen
Display screen resolution:              640*480
visible image resolution:                300,000 pixel
Thermal sensitivity:                      0.07℃
Temperature measurement range: -20℃ to 450℃ (-4°F to 842°F)
Measurement accuracy:                 ±2% digital/±2℃
Emissivity:                                   Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0
Frame rate of thermal images:          9Hz
Wavelength coverage:                     8-14um
Focus mode:                                 Fixed
Color palette: Rainbow, iron oxide red, cold color, black & white, white & black
View option: The integration of thermal image with 25% step length and visible image.
Storage medium: Built-in 3G (above 20 thousand image stored)
File format:                                   JPG
USB:                                        Micro USB 2.0
Power supply:                         Built-in chargeable 26650 battery
Automatic power-off time: Selectable: 5 minutes/20 minutes/ not power off automatically
Product size(length × width × height):97mm×129mm×256mm
Work temperature:                            0℃to 45℃
Storage temperature:                       -20℃ to 60℃
Relative humidity:                           < 85%RH
​Weight:                                           588g / 1.3 lbs  

Thermal images taken with T-29 thermal camera vs. normal photos:


  • High thermal resolution 259x192
  • WiFi output to a Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac etc
  • Built-in memory
  • Broad temperature range with high thermal sensitivity
  • 3.5" LCD screen with high screen resolution 
  • Take thermal images 
  • Overlap normal image with thermal image for easy identification
 Vividia T-29 can use to reveal hidden issues in building and mechanical. Keep it by your side and find hidden heat patterns:
  • Water Leaks / Air Leaks / Roof Leaks
  • Missing and Compromised Insulation
  • HVAC Issues - Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Electrical Hot Spots
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Plumbing Problems
  • Stud and duct placement
  • Mechanical Equipment Failures
  • Solar Panel Evaluation
Download File



Pictures taken with T-29 thermal camera:

What is included: Thermal Imaging Camera, User Manual, package box, AC charger for USB cable, USB Data cable. 

A short video about T-29 thermal camera:

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