Vividia VA-108i Gooseneck One-Way Articulation USB Borescope for iPhone iPad Android


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The 2024 Vividia VA-108i (i.e. VA-101i) Gooseneck One-Way Articulation USB Borescope is a gooseneck articulating borescope with USB output where the tube of the borescope is semi-rigid. Vividia VA-108i can be directly connected to Windows PCs, Android, and iPhone/iPad devices without the need for extra modules (such as W03B WiFi Box). User can preview live images, take pictures and record videos with VA-108i with the free UseePlus software.

The key features of Vividia VA-108i are:

  • Direct connectivity to Windows PCs, Android, and iPhone/iPad, devices without the need for an extra conversion box
  • One-way articulation with maximum bending angle more than 180 degrees
  • Gooseneck tube & with steel protected tube
  • 1280x720 HD camera with broad focus range
  • Built-in 8 bright LED lights

Vividia VA-108i borescope can be used for automotive inspection, home inspection, HVAC inspection, airplane and boat inspection, industrial quality control, infrastructure maintenance and inspection. etc.

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