Vividia VE-4-D6915 Portable Veterinary Flexible 4-Way Articulating Video Endoscope Videoscope Borescope Inspection Camera with Replaceable Dual-Camera 6.9mm x 1.5m Long Polyethylene Probe


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Vividia VE-4-D6915 Veterinary Endoscope Videoscope Borescope Inspection specially designed to be used by veterinarians on animals, such as horse, cows, pig, dog, cat, and sheep.

The VE-4-D6915 Joystick Endoscope Videoscope has a replaceable 4-way articulation probe with dual-camera on the tip of the probe, which is 1.5 meter long and the diameter is 6.9mm (0.272"). The out layer of the probe is covered with medical-grade polyethylene tubing. The 4.5" LCD monitor can display live video. Pictures and videos can be saved on a microSD card. The resolution of the camera is 640x480 and there are 6 LED lights at the front of probe camera.

One application for Vividia VE-4-D6915 is equine upper airway endoscopy for horses. Another industrial application is for precision equipment where a plastic flexible probe is required to avoid unnecessary wear and tear from a metal probe.


Vividia VE-4-D6915 video endoscope is a 4-way articulation dual-camera endoscope. There are two cameras at the end of the 1.5m long insertion probe: One is front-view and another is side-view. The diameter of the probe is 6.9mm / 0.272". 
Technical Specs:

  • 4.5" LCD display screen
  • Take pictures, videos and preview
  • SD memory card up to 32G to save image and video files
  • Image rotation and flip, Zoom in and out 
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery 
  • Automatic white balance / Date time stamp
  • Support 15 languages 

  • 6.9mm (0.272") diameter and 1.5 meter long 
  • 4-way articulating with max. angle >180 degree
  • Two cameras: one is front-view (0 degree), one side-view (90 degree)
  • Front camera, 640x480, with 6 LED lights
  • Focus range of front-view camera: 8mm to 300mm
  • Side-view camera, 640x480, with one LED light
  • Focus range of side-view camera: 8mm to 300mm
  • One button to switch between front and side view
  • Polyethylene medical grade insertion tube
  • Waterproof: IP67


What is included in the package: VE-4-6915 veterinary endoscope, charger, 4G SD card, card reader, user manual, heavy-duty plastic carry case


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