Vividia VO-101 LCD/USB/WiFi Wireless Handheld Veterinary HD Otoscope with 1.5" LCD Monitor USB Output WiFi Wireless for Android and Windows


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VO-101 vet otoscope allows veterinarians and veterinary technicians to review on LCD screen immediately and is easy to let pet owners know the situation. 

VO-101 can also be connected to Windows PC and Android devices either through USB cable connection or WiFi wireless connection with free download of software.

VO-101 is a professional portable handheld veterinary otoscope with a small display and built-in WiFi.

Features of VO-101 vet otoscope:
  1. 1.5" LCD monitor and built-in WiFi wireless for Windows PC and Android devices
  2. Helps Vet to communicate with pet owners easily
  3. Multifunction: Suitable for Ear, Nose, Teeth, Skin
  4. Compatible with mainstream VET specula (H-brand)
  5. Wifi wireless mode connect to Windows, Android 


Technical Specs of VO-101:

Display                                   1.5"Full Color TFT-LCD
Camera Resolution                   Full HD, 1920x1080
Focus Type                              Fixed
Light Source                            High Luminance White LED
File Format                              JPEG, MP4
​Output                                    LCD & WiFi
Interface                                 USB-C for charging
Memory                                   Micro SD Card 32G
Bulit-in Battery                        Rechargeable Lithium, 3.7V/2600mAh
Work Time                               6 hours runtime
Wirelessly connect to Windows PC or an Android phone or tablet

Note: Can not connect to iPhone iPad yet (We are working on the app).