Vividia NP-2011 & NP-2020 Flexible 2mm Diameter Video Borescope


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Vividia NP-2011 Flexible Borescope is a non-articulation videoscope with 2 mm diameter probe head and 1.1 meter long probe insertion tube. The camera resolution is 640x480 and the LCD monitor has 4.5" screen with snap and recording functions. The photos and videos are saved on a SD card. The 2.0 mm probe can also be connected to a PC or Mac through a USB adaptor. Free USB camera software can be used to to preview, take pictures and videos on a PC. Vividia FC-2011 borescope is a good choice for applications where articulation feature is not required, but small diameter camera is essential.

Product Features

  • Probe diameter: 2mm
  • Probe tube length: 1.1 meter 
  • Camera resolution: 400x400
  • Focus range: 5mm to 30mm
  • Tube material: Braided tungsten mesh web
  • LED lights: 4 pcs LED lights
  • LED brightness: 3 levels
  • View direction: Forward view, 0 degree 
  • Waterproof probe: P67
  • Monitor screen: 4.3" LCD
  • Screen resolution: 800x600
  • Photo format: jpg, 640x480
  • Video format: avi, 640x480
  • Rechargeable battery: Lithium, 2400 mAh
  • Memory: SD card, 4G or higher
  • Note: Vividia FC-2010 probe can also be connected to a PC through USB. Be cautious to disconnect the monitor and the probe. It is easy to damage the connector pins if you do the connection/disconnection in a wrong way.   

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