Vividia G-1510 BlueEye Visual Grabber 4-Claw Retrieving Pickup Tool with USB HD Camera and LED Lights and Magnet


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With this USB camera visual Grabber, extend your vision and reach beyond what your eye can see. Ideal for applications involving search & retrieval in dark and/or hard to reach places. A perfect tool for both the DIY'er, mechanics, engineers, and technician.

The visual grabber has a probe with diameter of 15mm (0.59") and length of 1m /3.3ft. The probe front end has a small USB video camera, 6 LED lights and one extendable 4-claw hand. The USB camera resolution is 1280x720 and LED lights brightness can be adjusted. The USB camera can be used on Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook and Android devices. The 4-claw pickup tool can be controlled by a trigger on the handle to move forward to open up the claws. A ring shaped magnet is installed at the tip of the probe.

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